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Miss Velvet and the Blue Wolf are climbing up the
Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator Chart at #19 with

Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf - Wolfpack News

Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf - Wolfpack News


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MISS VELVET & THE BLUE WOLF chose Detroit’s iconic United Sound Studio (home to music legends Earth, Wind & Fire, George Clinton + Parliament-Funkadelic, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aretha Franklin, MC5, Death) to record their debut album BAD GET SOME released Oct. 27th 2017 to rave reviews both internationally and at home in the Huffington Post.

Produced and music directed by Isotopia Records, the album features native New Yorker Miss Velvet on powerhouse vocals. The talented Blue Wolf Band, Constance Hauman (keys and producer) Nick Carbone (drummer and producer), James Jones (bass), Henry Ott (guitars), Trevor Neumann (trumpet) and Dan Levine (trombone) infuse their unique and infectious blend of rock, soul and funk throughout the album, inspired by the jaw-dropping vocals of front woman Miss Velvet.

With their 2017 debut single DARE, Miss Velvet and the Blue Wolf took the listener on a journey back to the days of psychedelic rock and epic rock vocals.

After a residency at NYC’s Rockwood Music hall, two tours in Europe, the band began blowing up airwaves in Germany, Finland and Estonia. Another dream came true when they made a last minute Halloween appearance as opener for their idol George Clinton at NYC’s BB Kings and The Howard Theatre in Washington DC. That dream debut led to 62 performances with George Clinton and P-Funk to cities across the US and Europe.

Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf celebrated a year of touring with the funk legends on Halloween 2018 at the Howard Theater and made their debut at the new Sony Hall in NYC on November 2nd 2018.

2019 has seen MV+TBW (with JS Williams on trumpet and TJ Robinson on trombone 2) continuing to tour with Dr. Funkenstein and Co. with concerts in Hawaii, Australia and Japan and his One Nation Under A Groove tour, coinciding with the release of Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf’s second album FEED THE WOLF released August 2019 featuring George Clinton.

Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf 2019
Miss Velvet ~ Vocals
Executive Producer Constance Hauman ~ Keyboards
Co-producer Nick Carbone ~ Drums
Henry Ott ~ Guitars
James Jones ~ Bass
TJ Robinson ~ Trombone/Congas
JS Williams ~ Trumpet (live)
Trevor Neumann ~ Trumpet (album)
Dan Levine ~ Trombone (album)
Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf



Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf - FEED THE WOLF Album

Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf FEED THE WOLF iTunesMiss Velvet and The Blue Wolf FEED THE WOLF Amazon Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf FEED THE WOLF SpotifyMiss Velvet and The Blue Wolf FEED THE WOLF Rough TradeMiss Velvet and The Blue Wolf FEED THE WOLF Best Buy

Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf - BAD GET SOME Album

Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf BAD GET SOME iTunesMiss Velvet and The Blue Wolf BAD GET SOME Amazon Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf BAD GET SOME SpotifyMiss Velvet and The Blue Wolf BAD GET SOME Isotopia Records


“Miss Velvet’s voice is the definition of Rock n Roll.”

Review: Feed the Wolf by Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf
“New York-centered funk rockers and George Clinton protégés Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf are hitting the music world hard at this very moment with their sophomore album Feed The Wolf. The record broke out August 23rd, 2019 on Isotopia Records and is an amazing tour de funk that features Clinton, himself, mixing and mingling with powerhouse vocalist Miss Velvet and the rest of the superheroes in this exceptionally talented outfit.

“Produced by Constance ‘C-Diddy’ Hauman and Nick ‘Drum Nicky’ Carbone, Feed The Wolf lives right on the border between funk and hard rock. The record is packed to the rafters with equal portions of deeply-grooving beats, loud, tough guitar rock, and heavy-duty horns, which all get topped off with the soon-to-be-legendary voice of Miss Velvet. Clinton has described her voice as ‘the definition of rock and roll’ and, as usual, he’s right on target.

“Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf have been touring with Clinton for the past couple of years and have been warmly embraced by Dr. Funkenstein and his legion of fans. They are the direct descendants of the pioneering work Clinton unleashed with Parliament/Funkadelic in the 1970s and have expanded the style and infused it with the energy and fire of modern rock. Miss Velvet is in possession of one of the finest and most original singing voices to be found in rock music today, one that combines elements of Janis Joplin, Robert Plant, and Nina Simone with her own true self and is more than capable of stopping traffic in Times Square.

Feed The Wolf kicks off with the immediately-hypnotizing Super Bon Bon, a no-holds-barred heavy funk track that lets Miss Velvet showcase multiple sides of her God-given instrument while the band flexes its considerable muscles. It’s an instant attention-getter and a strong statement of originality and intent. The Blue Wolf lineup of Constance ‘C-Diddy’ Hauman (Keyboards), Nick ‘Drum Nicky’ Carbone (Drums), Henry ‘The Dude’ Ott (Guitars), James ‘Jimi Beamon’ Jones (Bass), Trevor Neuman (Trumpet), Dan Levine (Trombone), and Timothy ‘TJ’ Robinson (Trombone) is a high-level human music generator that has the skills and the soul to match Miss V step-for-step, a task that would obliterate a weaker band.

“The lead single from Feed The Wolf is Phat Blunt (feat. George Clinton), a bare-knuckle funk/rock cut that throws the Funkmaster right into the mix with these audacious players. Clinton stands strong in the storm, delivering flows that offer listeners a textural contrast to Velvet’s huge vocal tones and adds to the unpredictable nature of this entertaining set. Few besides Clinton have the funky cred to get up with this lot and survive and it’s easy to see the respect he and the band have for each other. Clinton blesses them with his presence and, in doing so, publicly acknowledges that Miss Velvet & The Blue Wolf are among the chosen few elevating his legacy to new heights. He collaborates on multiple tracks on the record but this one needs to be heard first.

The title cut, Feed The Wolf, is a driving rock song that lets Velvet rage and roar. The true majesty of her voice comes out when she pushes like this and it’s an incredible thing to hear. The harder she goes, the stronger she gets. Her top end is as mighty as any in rock history and never displays even a hint of weakness or instability. She’s never harsh or brittle, even at full intensity, and easily ventures into realms many singers fear to attempt. Velvet never misses a step anywhere on these sessions and each song is a highlight in its own way. Still, the tracks Nasty Freak and Bitch Honey deserve extra immersion.

“Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf are a ridiculously brilliant crew who are obviously on their way to big things. Together, they make music that builds on the greatness of the past but turns it into a cutting-edge, relevant sound meant for 21st Century ears. This isn’t old school funk, rock, or anything else. Miss Velvet & The Blue Wolf are 100% now and happening as we speak. Feed The Wolf is all about the new style and you’re going to love it.” — Mike O’Cull

Why Feed the Wolf May Keep Icon George Clinton’s Fans Roaring for More

“Though one might question just how creatively Miss Velvet & The Blue Wolf could incorporate George Clinton’s well-acclaimed Grammy-winning vision, their much-awaited EP Feed The Wolf immediately responds to those doubts with a sensational, soulful, electric setlist that conflates the most unique genres, moods, and styles the musicians have to offer.

“The collaboration, as a result, is a scintillating masterclass from Miss Velvet and The Blue Velvet—their hazy, wondrous whiskey-soaked vibe summoning the funky spirits of the decades gone by. Yet, here George Clinton’s experience inserts an additional dimension to the album, one that sizzles and rocks through the crowds amidst the immersions of rock and roll.

“The eponymous single Feed The Wolf begins with a thundering drum solo: an adrenaline-chasing euphoria in Miss Velvet’s angst-laden, screaming, head-pounding voice giving the listeners a taste of the hysteric, head-shaking delirium to be expected from such a sensational confluence of talent. Elevating the grunge genre from the dive bar sphere to raising the roof at ampitheatres, these trio set of musicians will have fans of classic rock up from their seats, lifting their fists and screaming till their voice gives out. But Miss Velvet’s enigmatic voice is not just a thrilling reflection of the madness of the seventies or the liberation of the eighties—it is a powerful showcase of her vocal range. Sometimes she is slow and moody, sometimes she can shatter glass with those notes.

“And lastly, these show-stopping tunes are not just an excellent demonstration of the beautiful slice of music that is molded in the cauldron of creative genius and focused collaboration; they respect the instruments, as given by their extensive, rousing drum solos, guitar solos and vocal runs. By stirring in the familiar, fist-pumping groove of the classic rock genre with the relaxing, vocal-heavy energy of the grunge and the funk times, Feed The Wolf has proven why George Clinton deserves the unofficial title of the Funk Extraordinaire—his experience and inclination at picking and mixing the most intriguing and stimulating of sounds still holds up today. This album should be a call-to-action to all the musicians out there trying to rediscover their jam without realizing it’s right there beside them, dancing away the night.”

“Fresh from Byron Bay Bluesfest on Monday, Miss Velvet and the Blue Wolf mesmerised Melbourne’s Forum on Wednesday with their brand of sultry NY grit, fused with funky bass lines and epic horns. Miss Velvet’s vocals are raw power, often compared to Robert Plant’s iconic vocal range and for good reason, her voice is an instrument in its own right. Each band member had a chance to shine in solos throughout the set and continued to keep the crowd under their spell. The range and fusion of sounds embraced by the group is impressive, taking you on an atmospheric musical journey with a sense of performance and showmanship that kept the crowd on its toes for the whole set. Miss Velvet & the Blue Wolf, we don’t know you very well yet in Australia but we should. Looking forward to the next time you rock Melbourne’s socks off!”

“Launching a funk rock and roll attack, Miss Velvet grabbed the audience’s attention immediately with her raspy vocals and energy… The cool and collected band included guitarist Henry Ott whose craftsmanship and riffs kept the audience’s hands in the air, and a three-piece horn section who were off the hook. The funkiness of the horns complimented Miss Velvet’s powerful melodies and mystical voice treating the waiting fans as the venue slowly filled to tracks Dare, Love Train and [Bad] Get Some, it was easy to see the band have a talent for writing as well as playing. Goosebumps filled the room with a cover of Summertime, perfect for the hot summer’s week that the UK had unusually been treated to. As Miss Velvet simmered the crowd, they’re one to look out for as they left the crowd to vigorous clapping.”

“Miss Velvet took the stage just before 8pm, immediately captivating the concertgoers, who ranged from young funkateers to gray-haired baby boomers there to catch one last glimpse of Clinton, who will turn 78 in July. The band plays a multi-genre mix of funk, metal and soul with frontwoman Miss Velvet belting out raspy vocals over heavy riffs punctuated by trumpet and trombone. Each opener played a truncated set of 30 to 40 minutes, a bit of a disservice to a lineup full of headliners, but a fitting potpourri of flavors for Clinton’s farewell.”

“No [George Clinton/Parliament Funkadelic] concert would be complete without an opening act, and indie-funk-rock band Miss Velvet and the Blue Wolf served that purpose well. The band’s set included several funk-rock tunes including DARE, a hit in Germany. Lead singer Miss Velvet provided a stunning, soulful cover of Summertime.”

“All I can say is, ‘Yowza!’ Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf are cap-a-pie prodigiously talented. The melodies are phenomenal, the rhythms are combustible and Miss Velvet’s voice contradicts the nonexistence of the phlogiston. BAD GET SOME and DARE blew me away.”

“Miss Velvet’s voice sounds perfectly fit for the stage….an era-defying character.”

“Miss Velvet’s performance was so multifaceted: unleashed, yet controlled. She evoked the rock ’n’ roll spirit of Janis Joplin, the whimsy of an Age of Aquarius gal, and the steadfast power vocals of Aretha Franklin.”

“When she starts to sing and the tone is a perfect blend of Janis Joplin, Nina Simone and Lucinda Williams with a little Etta James thrown in.”

“I was totally engaged throughout, mesmerized by her sound and her energy. Girl crush doesn’t even begin to cover it.”

“Add the intensity of Janis Joplin, the softness of Etta James, and the performance swagger of Mick Jagger and then you have it — the eclectic persona that is Miss Velvet.”

Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf 2020

George Clinton and Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf at Summerstage Central Park New York City

George Clinton, who turns 78 in July, recently announced his final outing, the One Nation Under A Groove tour, which will feature a variety of artist lineups to celebrate Clinton’s final dates at the helm of the Mothership. Capping over 50 years of touring and recording, George Clinton & P-Funk will be joined by Galactic, Dumpstaphunk, Fishbone, and Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf, all of whom are taking time out of their own busy touring schedules to hit the road with the Grammy-winning, formerly-rainbow-dreaded funk, hip-hop, and rock & roll pioneer.


Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf



Rolling Stone 2-2019 George Clinton Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf Tour Announcement

One Nation Under a Groove Tour Poster George Clinton Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf Tour

Bluesfest 2019 One Nation Under a Groove Tour George Clinton Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf Tour

with George Clinton
4/4 – Atlanta, GA @ Cobb Energy Centre
4/11 – Honolulu, HI @ Blue Note Hawaii
4/12 – Honolulu, HI @ Blue Note Hawaii
4/13 – Honolulu, HI @ Blue Note Hawaii
4/14 – Honolulu, HI @ Blue Note Hawaii
4/20 – Sydney @ Byron Bay Bluesfest
4/21 – Sydney @ Byron Bay Bluesfest
4/22 – Sydney @ Byron Bay Bluesfest
4/25 – Melbourne @ Forum
4/27 – Osaka (2 shows)
4/29 – Tokyo (2 shows)
4/30 – Tokyo (2 shows)


Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf (headliner)
5/18 – Westchester, OH @ Buckeye BBQ Fest


with George Clinton
5/30 – Milwaukee, WI @ Miller High Life Theatre
5/31 – Chicago, IL @ Aragon Ballroom
6/1 – Cincinnati, OH @ Riverfront Live
6/4 – New York, NY @ Summerstage, Central Park
6/5 – Boston, MA @ Blue Hills Pavilion
6/6 – Philadelphia, PA @ Franklin Music Hall
6/7 – Pittsburgh, PA @ The Rivers Casino
6/11 – Lewiston, NY @ Art Park
6/20 – Sterling Heights, MI @ Freedom Hill
6/21 – Madison, WI @ The Sylvee
6/22 – Kansas City, MO @ Crossroads KC
7/19 – Grand Rapids, MI @ 20 Monroe Live
7/20 – Cleveland, OH @ Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame
7/21 – Columbus, OH @ Express Live!
7/25 – Atlanta, GA @ Fox Theater
7/26 – Nashville, TN @ Municipal Auditorium
7/27 – Greensboro, NC @ White Oak Amphitheater
8/2 – Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theater
8/3 – Saratoga, CA @ Mountain Winery
8/4 – Lincoln, CA @ Thunder Valley Casino
8/8 – Seattle, WA @ Showbox Sodo
8/9 – Bend, OR @ Spirit Distillers
8/10 – Portland, OR @ Oregon Zoo
8/11 – Eugene, OR @ Cuthbert 
8/15 – Denver, CO @ Mission Ballroom
8/17 – Phoenix, AZ @ Celebrity Theater
8/18 – Las Vegas, NV @ Brooklyn Bowl
8/22 – Cedar Park, TX @ H-E-B Center at Cedar Park H3
8/23 – San Antonio, TX @ Aztec Theater
8/24 – Dallas, TX @ Bomb Factory
8/25 – Houston, TX @ Revention
8/30 – Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues
8/31 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution Block Party
9/1 – St. Petersburg, FL @ Mahaffey Theatre



Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf - George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic Mardi Gras Madness Tour 2018

Fri JAN 11 | Boulder, CO, Boulder Theater


Sun SEP 30 | Nashville, TN, The Cowan
Sun SEP 2 | Portland, OR, The Crystal Ballroom

Fri AUG 31 | Los Angeles, CA, The Novo Theater
Thu AUG 30 | Santa Ana, CA, The Observatory
Thu AUG 23 | Lexington, KY, Lyric Theatre
Fri AUG 3 | New York, NY, The Liberty Belle

Tue JUL 17 | Minneapolis, MN, Varsity Theater
Thu JUL 12 | Fort Wayne, IN, The Clyde Theatre
Wed JUL 11 | Interlochen, MI, Kresge Auditorium
Sun JUL 8 | London, UK, Roundhouse
Sat JUL 7 | Manchester, UK, Manchester Academy
Fri JUL 6 | Nottingham, UK, Rock City
Tue JUL 3 | Paris France, Casino De Paris

Thu JUN 28 | Amsterdam, Netherlands, Paradiso
Wed JUN 27 | Arnhem, Netherlands, Luxor Live
Tue JUN 26 | Hilversum, Netherlands, Podium De Vorstin

Sat MAY 12 | Portsmouth, VA, Portsmouth Pavilion
Thu MAY 10 | Savannah, GA, The Stage on Bay
Sun MAY 6 | New Orleans, LA, House of Blues
Sat MAY 5 | Clearwater, FL, Coachman Park
Fri MAY 4 | Lake Buena Vista, FL, House of Blues Orlando
Thu MAY 3 | Bonita Springs, FL, Southwest Florida Events Center

Sat APR 28 | Final Funkdown at BB King’s NYC

Sat MAR 31 | Las Vegas, NV, House of Blues
Fri MAR 30 | San Luis Obispo, CA, The Fremont Theater
Wed MAR 28 | San Diego, CA, House of Blues San Diego
Sun MAR 25 | Bellingham, WA, Wild Buffalo House of Music
Sat MAR 24 | Seattle, WA, Showbox SODO
Thu MAR 22 | Bend, OR, Midtown Ballroom
Wed MAR 21 | Portland, OR, Roseland Theater
Fri MAR 17 | Napa, CA, Jam Cellar Ballroom/Blue Note Napa Valley
Fri MAR 16 | San Francisco, CA, 1015 Folsom
Sun MAR 11 | Denver, CO, Ogden Theatre
Thu MAR 8 | Detroit, MI, Sound Board at the Motor City Casino Hotel
Sat MAR 3 | Dallas, TX, House of Blues, Dallas
Fri MAR 2 | Houston, TX, House Of Blues, Houston
Thu MAR 1 | Memphis, TN, The New Daisy Theatre

Sun FEB 25 | Atlanta, GA, Buckhead Theatre
Sat FEB 24 | Raleigh, NC, The Ritz
Fri FEB 23 | Nashville, TN, Topgolf Music
Thu FEB 22 | Nashville, TN, Topgolf Music
Sun FEB 18 | Huntington, NY, The Paramount
Sat FEB 17 | Boston, MA, House of Blues, Boston
Fri FEB 16 | Baltimore, MD, Rams Head Live!
Thu FEB 15 | Washington, DC, The Howard Theatre
Tue FEB 13 | New York, NY, B.B. King Blues Club & Grill
Sat FEB 10 | Charlotte, NC, The Fillmore Charlotte
Fri FEB 9 | Leesburg, VA, Tally Ho Theatre
Thu FEB 8 | Glenside, PA, Keswick Theatre
Wed FEB 7 | Warrendale, PA, Jergel’s Rhythm Grille
Sat FEB 3 | Grand Rapids, MI, 20 Monroe Live
Fri FEB 2 | Milwaukee, WI, The Pabst Theater
Thu FEB 1 | Lima, OH, The Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Center

Wed JAN 31 | Chicago, IL, Thalia Hall


Fri DEC 29 | New Orleans, LA, Tipitina’s
Sat DEC 30 | New Orleans, LA, Tipitina’s

NOV 3 | 7pm
Howard Theatre, Washington, DC
(opener for George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic)

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic and Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf BB King Blues Club Halloween Funkdown

OCT 31 | 7pm
2nd Annual Halloween Funkdown at B.B. King’s Blues Club, NYC
(opener for George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic)

OCT 6 | 9pm
Mondo Festival, Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2, NYC

SEP 24
Surf Lodge (opener for The Wallflowers), Montauk, NY
Surf Lodge Summer Concert Series (opener for Charles Bradley), Montauk, NY
SEP 3 | 9pm
Stephen’s Talkhouse, Amagansett, NY

AUG 24 | 10pm
Rockwood Music Hall Summer Residency, Stage 2, NYC
AUG 12 | 10pm
Rockwood Music Hall Summer Residency, Stage 2, NYC
Auguusti Bluus Festival Estonia

JULY 29 | 10pm
Elmun Baari, Helsinki, Finland
Jogvatreff Festival, Estonia
JULY 8 and 22 | 10pm
Rockwood Music Hall Summer Residency, Stage 2, NYC
JUNE 3 and 17 | 10pm
Rockwood Music Hall Summer Residency, Stage 2, NYC

APRIL 29 | 11:15PM
Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2, NYC

World Clinic Stage Showcase, Tallinn Music Week, Tallinn, Estonia
MAR 31 | 4PM
CityStage Velvet Design Studio, Tallinn Music Week, Tallinn, Estonia

Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf make their European debut March 31st at the esteemed Tallinn Music Week in Tallinn, Estonia. Tallinn Music Week is the fastest growing international music festival in Europe. Over 2000 acts in every genre from 15 countries submit to the festival, but only 250 are chosen for the week’s showcases. Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf are proud to be not only one of two American Bands invited to the 2017 festival, but to make the European release of their debut EP DARE on Isotopia Records which highlights 3 tracks from their upcoming full album BAD GET SOME. DARE will be featured on the National Estonian Rock station which has a daily following of over 44K. Clynt Yerkes on trumpet and TJ Robinson on Trombone will join the Band’s European debut.

FEB 11 | 11PM
Rockwood Music Hall NYC, Stage 2


George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic
Mardi Gras Madness Tour

Miss Velvet, you are a goddess with an incredible band!! I’ve seen hundreds of concerts (many genres) but have never seen anyone give as much energy as you.
— Michael Yaeger, Atlanta Concert
The opening act for George clinton was the indie funk-rock band Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf. They served up an opening set that was inspired and entertaining. Reminiscent of Janis Joplin with a great horn section, their lead singer Miss Velvet was stunning and soulful. They are a group destined for greatness.
— Allen Jimenez, ASX Contributor
     Ogden Theater, Denver, Colorado
Beautiful show last night. Great opening vibrations for George and his entourage!
— Shawn Reed, North Carolina
You killed it in Raleigh. Thanks for giving us a great pre-funk.
— Matt Rothkoph, Raleigh, North Carolina
This American indie rock/funk band tore the roof off the mutha sucka !!!
— Hard rock radio network review, Chicago, Illinois
Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf changing the face of ROCK AND ROLL 2018!
— Sandra Schwab, Indianapolis, Indiana
Great Band people please don’t sleep on them…
Jimmy Fallon where you at? Get these folks on your late night show!

— EJ Edmonds, Atlanta, Georgia
Once again Miss Velvet graced us with her presence last night at George Clinton’s concert at the New Orleans House of Blues. She has incredible range and I could listen to her all night. The band was tight and funky .Combine that with her powerful vocals and be prepared to have your scalp ripped back!!!I absolutely love this band.five stars!!!??✔
— Paul Bouette, New Orleans, Louisiana
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